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Our story

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The history of Genesis Media began back in 2009, when we launched, as we then said, our first “portal” in Central Asia. We have not used the outdated word "portal" for a long time, and since 2012 we have been focusing on news, entertainment and viral content, as well as on applications.


The business was growing, and in 2012, we decided to transfer our experience to emerging markets and launch a media project in Nigeria. Why Nigeria? It is the largest country in Africa by population and size of economy; one of the fastest growing in the world. When we entered this market, the site of the largest newspaper was updated 2 times a day: at 12 days and 12 nights. When a few months after the launch, our daily audience exceeded 100,000 people, competitor sites began to update faster. 


When business in Nigeria grew to a substantial size, we decided to expand our business to other African countries: Kenya, Ghana and South Africa. It was a difficult experience, which consisted mainly of mistakes, but finally we created the largest local projects in Kenya and Ghana and the most popular news application in South Africa. Already in 2016, we thought about entering the more developed markets of Southeast Asia and Latin America. We managed to find a profitable model there too, which in the end gave us the opportunity to double the MAU and increase DAU and visits per day even more in a year.

Based on the interview of co-founder of Genesis Media:


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What have we learned during this time?


"You should not make the main mistake of any media specialist: to judge by yourself. How and what to write about - statistics must decide"

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